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The world of innovation is often governed by a binary thought and it is said that innovators have only two options, innovate small or innovate in large (innovate small or innovate big).


The 3rd Way to Innovate



There is a third option that means less risk and less cost.






Through the Third Way of Innovation that is implemented in companies such as: Gatorade®, LEGO®, Victoria's Secret®, Apple®, Guinness®, Novo Nordisk®, among many others, It has been posible to positioned in a much powerful and innovative way these and other companies.













A different approach that improves the value of a product, by innovating around it.


Companies like LEGO® or Gatorade® have used the Third Way of Innovation, managing to turn around major crises, strengthening their strategies much more and creating more solid developments.


Currently, there is a false duality based on conventional wisdom saying that to survive, companies must go beyond incremental and sustained innovation and invest in some form of radical innovation.







 What is proposed in this Masterclass - Hands On Meeting is to live and explore a complementary proposal, which consists of a strategy of low risk and high reward, focused on managers and executives, who must understand and practice it, to achieve a competitive advantage in the dynamic economy of the current world.




 What is a Hands-On event?



The learning process will be personally witnessed through interactive tools and methodologies that allow a better immersion in the subject. For this Meeting one of the most powerful Methodologies in the world will be used: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Which will be explore by its creator, a genius who managed to develop this impressive real-time strategies tool: Robert Rasmussen.



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David Robertson



.He is known throughout the world as an expert in innovation management and the leading expert in the LEGO® company. David is a tenured professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he focuses on teaching executive education programs. Prior to working at MIT, Robertson was a LEGO® Professor of Innovation and Technology Management at the Institute for Management Development (IMD) of Switzerland and a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.



La tercera via para inovar

La tercera via para inovar

Robert Rasmussen

 He is co-author of the book "Building a Better Company with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology" and the main architect of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, a powerful tool that allows the development of real-time strategies to improve innovation and business performance. With its help, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method has been used successfully by new and multinational companies to maximize the synergy between the teams of all organizations. Previous clients include among many others: Google, P & G, Deloitte, United Nations, Toyota, Novo Nordisk and Grundfoss.


Masterclass - Hands On Meeting

The 3rd Way to Innovate






During this two-day program, we will be able to work with David Robertson and Robert Rassmusen, the way to explore and how to apply a proven system to unleash innovation in companies.




 Through practical exercises, application examples and Hands On activities, the participant will be guided in the development of new strategies by applying, "The LEGO® Way", the proposal of the Third Way to Innovate.






Through the application of best practices of LEGO®, Apple, P & G, among many other companies, Robert and David will guide the participant in how to approach the LEGO strategy to dominate the market, understanding, learning and applying proven techniques to identify immediate opportunities for innovation.



Learn to identify and manage the necessary changes in your company to apply 'The LEGO Way' and set up your innovation teams for success.










Reasons to attend our Masterclass





Learn how to implement a new innovation system, also how to think, communicate and solve problems with your team to configure them for success.





Share the challenges with innovative leaders, directors and vice presidents of other industries facing similar problems in their companies.






Create a specific, practical and realistic plan to improve your innovation system using the knowledge of the LEGO® change.